VerifyDirect Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verify Direct International?  
Powered by First Advantage, VDI is a leading platform offering a full spectrum of premium quality online background screening and risk mitigation solutions to businesses as well as individual consumers. A global market leader servicing customers across 150 countries worldwide, First Advantage provides over 9 million verifications annually.

Safe, secure, easy to use, quick and affordable, VDI is a simplified portal delivering the same value and robust services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and consumers. In India, First Advantage & VDI operate out of state-of-the-art offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi & Chennai with about 1000 employees.

Background screening includes checks on employment, education, criminal history & address amongst others which can be ordered online via value deal packages or a la carte.
Who uses VDI?  
Companies, HR firms, credit lenders, etc. use our business services. Individuals buy our retail offerings – landlords buy our tenant verification, job seekers buy self-verification, prospective spouses & their families buy our matrimonial verification and car owners buy driver verification.
What are the benefits of verification?  
  • Mitigates risk
  • Decreases occurence of untoward incidents & crime
  • Prevents fraudulent representation of documents
  • Helps you hire the right person for the job
How do I get a user ID & password?  
Click the Sign In button at the top right of this page. Click Sign up here & create your account. Your login details will be sent to you via email.
Who can access the information in My Account?  
Only you have the details to access this information. Store your login details in a safe & secure location & do not share with others if you want your data to be accessed only by you. If you have verified yourself, only requestors who you provide consent and/or your Verified ID to, can request for your data.
What is a Verified ID?  
A Verified ID is a unique alphanumerical code given to a user who orders Self Verification once his/her screening is complete. The user can then share this ID with potential employers.
Is VDI secure?  
Yes, VDI is a secure online application with highest standard data/transactional security.
Is the login secure?  
Every user will be provided a secure login, which should not be shared with anyone. The information shared between the client and the web server is encrypted using 128 bit SSL encryption.
How will my consent be sought?  
When a requestor places an order on VDI, he/she will provide your email & mobile number to us. An email & SMS notification will be sent to you with login details. You will need to log in to with these details and approve or reject this request for verification.
I have received a request for approval. What do I do next?  
All you need to do is to sign in to VDI ( and either approve or reject the request. The requestor will be authorized to see your information only upon receipt of your consent. No information is shared with the requestor unless the request is approved by you.
What if the information provided is not accurate?  
Write to us with details of your case via the Contact Us page on the website.
I am unable to scan my documents & upload them. What do I do?  
You may courier them to us at the following address:-
First Advantage Pvt. Ltd.
Interface, Building no. 7,
1st Floor, Link Road,
Malad West,
Mumbai 400 064,India.
How long does it take to get the verification report?  
Requestors ordering via our Contributory Database can access a report immediately after candidate consent. Requestors ordering checks on data that is not available in our Contributory Database, should allow 15-20 business days for the report.
What if I want the report earlier?  
You may contact us for an Interim Report.
Can I conduct a check on someone without his/her knowledge?  
VDI works on the principle of consent and will not be able to service any requests in the absence of candidate consent.
Will I get discounts if I purchase in bulk?  
Of course! Please click here to submit your request
I wish to verify the background of an individual currently residing in Asia but who has worked earlier in the U.S.A. Can VDI help me?  
Yes, VDI is a global screening service having the capability to conduct verifications in most countries. To view services available in a specific country, choose from the drop down menu at the top right. When placing an order make sure you have chosen the country you wish to place the check in from the drop down menu at the top right.
I have the candidate’s consent via a Letter of Authorization. Can I enter data on his/her behalf?  
Yes, we will need to authorize you as a Credentialized User to do this. Please click here to submit your request.
I am unable to place an order via VDI. Is there any other way I can buy a verification?  
Oops! Sorry for that! Send us an email at and our team will be happy to contact you. Click here
How can I cancel my order?  
Orders once placed cannot be cancelled.