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Employee verification helps confirm a candidate’s job history including the dates of employment and job title, as well as a former employer’s name and address, whether a position was full or part-time, temporary or permanent, and if termination was voluntary or involuntary. In some cases, an employment verification can also reveal salary history, the circumstances around past job termination and if the candidate was considered eligible for rehire.First Advantage has a dedicated team who acts on your behalf to verify employment history for your candidate. The verifications team makes multiple contacts over multiple days to ensure every attempt is made to confirm job experience your candidate claims on an application or resume.By working with a leader in the background screening industry, you can be confident that our trained team of verifiers follow documented protocols that demonstrate due diligence and ensure process consistency so that you can make hiring decisions based on the facts.

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Why Employment verification?
  • Hire the right candidate
  • Minimize replacement costs
  • Make your workplace safer and more productive
  • Prevent fraud and crime
Popular Checks
  • Previous employment
  • Education & Professional certifications
  • Reference Checks
  • Criminal Records
  • Global Media Search

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