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I hereby authorize to perform verification services by providing information relating to my employment and income or other information (e.g. professional or educational) in the form of a report to entities or persons to whom I have provided consent to request such information (“Verification Data"). Service Provider collects the Verification Data for the purposes of retaining it on behalf of the entities furnishing the information. Further I acknowledge that the service provider based on this consent would respond to employment and other related verification information requests from third parties based on prior consent from me and, access, use and retain the Verification Data for auditing, regulatory, marketing analyses and/or other business purposes.

I understand and acknowledge that Service Provider is holding the Verification Data on behalf of my employers and that my participation in this verification service is voluntary and that no consideration will be paid to me by Service Provider. Accordingly, I hereby authorize and consent to Service Provider’s retention, access and use of the Verification Data in perpetuity in order to perform its services as it deems necessary . I understand that in consideration for the foregoing authorization and consent, Service Provider will store the Verification Data in a secured environment and that it will provide my Verification Data to Requestors upon receiving my electronic consent to do so. I also understand and agree that Service Provider may use my information to review and analyze market trends and prepare a database.

I understand that my information may be collected, stored, retained or processed outside the jurisdiction or country where I currently reside, or where I was or am temporarily located. I understand that Service Provider will provide me with a password in order to access and use the verification services I agree not to share, disclose or misuse my access or password with any individual or entity without the written authorization of Service Provider. I further agree that I will immediately notify Service Provider if I become aware of or know of any unauthorized access or misuse of my password or use of the verification service. I will also immediately inform the Service Provider if my Verification Data requires updating or amending.

I understand that when I share my information with prospective or current employers it is solely at my discretion and that I am fully and completely responsible for permitting my employer (current or former) to share the information with the Service Provider and for authorizing requests and obtaining my Verification Data from the Service Provider. I recognize and acknowledge that the accuracy, validity or completeness of the Verification Data provided by Service Provider to the Requestor is not guaranteed and I hereby release the Service Provider and its parent, sister, affiliated companies, successors and assigns and its and their directors, officers, agents, employees and independent contractors (collectively, "Service Provider’s Affiliates") from any liability for any error on account of negligence, inadvertence or otherwise in connection with the preparation of the report and from any loss, damages, expenses, costs or obligations of any kind and nature whatsoever suffered by me resulting directly or indirectly from the inaccuracy, invalidity or incompleteness of the Report.

I understand, confirm and agree that the Service Provider shall not be responsible for any losses which I may incur or any damages which may arise as a result of my participating in the verification services provided by the Service Provider or my providing consent to the wrong person or entity or for permitting my employers to share the information with Service Provider.

Should you choose to discontinue your participation in the verification service, you will need to provide us with a written notice of your decision 30 days in advance. Upon your written notice stating your wish to discontinue your participation in the verification service, the Service Provider will no longer collect your Verification Data or disclose such Verification Data to third parties requesting such information or inform you of any such requests for information. The Service Provider will have 60 days from the receipt of your notice to delete all of your personal data in its control, if you have so requested in your notice of discontinuance in the verification service. For the avoidance of doubt, any information retained by third parties through the provision of the verification service by the Service Provider will not be within the Service Provider’s control. I also understand and agree that Service Provider may use my information to review and analyze market trends and prepare a database.

This consent is subject to the laws and the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of the country, state and city where the Service Provider’s address set forth in the first paragraph is located.


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